We are all in events. Events are necessary for your business or personal lives. Delegate PLUS is here to help you create a corporate rewards program that motivates your employees and to give them what they want. We know that the workforce today values experiences and a strong work-life balance. They enjoy celebrations, travelling, dining out and having the free time to pursue their passion and hang out with their loved ones. Products simply don't motivate today's workforce anymore, instead focus on rewarding them with experiences and ride alongside their celebrations with them to boost employee engagement.

With Delegate PLUS, you can be assured that we will support your events with transparent, competitive and curated vendors. Whether you're looking for a videographer for your company dinner, a venue for your group lunch, craft workshops for team bonding, we've got you covered!

We're endlessly customisable to fit your company's culture. If you're looking to plan a major work anniversary, a birthday celebration or a team's successful launch, we'll help to recognise hard work with our customisable rewards and experiences.



  • Employee well-being is in the heart of every great organisation. Delegate PLUS is a flexible and affordable solution to support your company's culture, value and goals. 
  • Plan corporate and personal events at a discount with special offers. Choose from over 2000 event vendors globally. 
  • Delegate PLUS is an easy-to-use membership program and there is no waiting time for implementation. 
  • Using Delegate cuts down on middlemen fees ensuring that you receive the best prices for all your event planning needs. 
  • Choose a cost-effective and innovative way to recognise and appreciate your employees.

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